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Band Stereo Dynamite 2013

Gäschi - Drums


Matze - Vocals & Guitar


Hanni - Bass

What else would we write down here in this band bio, other than that we’ve played with Stereo Dynamite in every club possible and by now almost 100 shows? Wasn’t that the plan in the first place? Wasn’t that the only reason for our foundation in 2011? With all this we don’t really care if we play all the big festivals with our favourite bands like Ignite, Pennywise, Agnostic Front, Terror, Biohazard, Madball, H2O, Nations Afire, 7 Seconds or in small and filthy clubs somewhere in nowhere. We just want to do that!

Because it's just awesome, to create exactly the music you've yourself wanted to hear all along. To bring that to a sound carrier we flew to Portugal in 2013 to work with the great Vasco Ramos and his team. These guys made it happen! They made us sound on CD just the way we've dreamt of. So since December 2014 we’re on our „lifeline stories“ tour to promote our first long player with all our heart for those who come to our shows!

In 2016, we'll pack our bags and move our asses to Sweden to play some shows, it seems to be pretty nice up there so why not, right? And we'll be excited about the rest of the new year!
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