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Ok, so 2014 should have been „our“ year but it turned out as the hardest in our band history, but we start from the beginning:
Back from the studio, 2014 started with a lot of rehearsals to get ready for the festival season. We started at the last weekend of may and had two festivals and one support show for Pennywise. Sounds awesome right? It was, but there was one problem: Fabi broke his wrist after the second show and was not able to play the next few weeks. So what should we do? Cancel the Pennywise show? Hell no: Our merch guy Lars, who plays bass in a blues band joined in, and learned out set in our tiny, hot and smelly van during the way home from the Italy festival. This was very intense and we don’t need this again, but it was worth it! We made it to the show and it was fantastic, thank you Lars!

Ok, so the next few weeks were shitty as hell: We had to cancel a few festivals due to Fabi’s injury and afterwards we had the chance to support Nations Afire in a few cities again, but they cancelled the whole tour… Fortunately, we’ve found a replacement for the last festivals of this summer and after a few rehearsals Hanni joined in.

Alright, beside all that we started promoting our debut album „lifeline stories“, that we’ve released on 5th of december. During this procedure, Fabi told us, that he is not able to play the bass anymore because of his job… Well, the next setback, but as we sing in our own song „it’s over“: the future is the goal, with great memories inside, so we overcome the pain and start to fill the days with light. So we asked Hanni and he said immediately yes!

Ok, we were a band again and we had the best evening so far at our release show in Freiburg! Perfect huge audience, new songs, and we had the time to celebrate Fabi’s bass retirement as he deserved it: He played one last time with us, and we had a few drinks afterwards! Thank you Fabi for the best three years of our lives so far! You’re still our manager, so we can still annoy you! Haha! That was 2014! We are very excited what the future brings, it only can get better! See you on the road, SD
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